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How to effectively protect the melt pump from overpressure?

Each melt pump has a prescribed higher working pressure, if it exceeds this pressure value, it will cause serious damage to the melt pump. The typical situation is high discharge pressure due to "cold start", which means that the downstream adapter, screen changer or die is still too cold, or solid (unmelted) material is blocking the pipeline.

melt pump for plastic extrusion

In order to protect the melt pump from overpressure, the pressure sensor should be installed directly before and after the melt pump. Pressure sensors are usually connected to a control system with dual alarm functions (warning and shutdown). Zhengzhou Batte has integrated two pressure sensor threads in the shell of the melt pump as a standard. There are pressure sensor holes at the inlet and outlet respectively. The thread diameter of the pressure sensor hole is 14mm and the pitch is 1.5mm. Therefore, there is no need for additional holes and threads on the adapter before or after squeezing the melt pump.


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