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Zhengzhou gear pump manufacturers outline the selection of melt gear pump bearings

As an in-house professional gear pump manufacturer, Zhengzhou Batte has processing equipment and an excellent technical team to ensure that each melt gear pump provided has the characteristics of good quality and excellent performance. There are two types of bearings supporting gears in melt gear pumps: one is a journal bearing that lubricates the rubber, and the other is a rotary bearing. Batte's melt gear pump manufacturers will analyze and introduce these two types in detail.

If the melt gear pump uses a journal bearing, the bearing itself has the function of rotating seal. Some melt gear pumps are designed with a cylindrical non-contact sealing mechanism with reverse thread on the outside of the journal bearing. Since the gap between the journal bearing and the gear shaft is very small, the mixing of harder impurities and fibers in the rubber compound with solid objects larger than the bearing gap may damage the bearing performance. In order to improve the load capacity, some melt gear pumps dig a groove with a special shape at the inner diameter of the journal bearing. The journal bearing is at a certain speed due to its inherent characteristics. The film of the lubricating compound will be destroyed, contact with metal, and therefore lose its function as a bearing and cannot rotate. This point requires special attention.

Melt gear pumps use rotating bearings. A cylindrical non-contact sealing mechanism should be installed between the gear and the bearing. The inner or outer diameter of the cylinder is processed into a reverse thread. Using rotating bearings, grease or lubricating oil can be used as lubricants. Unlike journal bearings, the rotation speed must be limited to a low speed range. If a rotating bearing is used, the bearing lubricant and its sealing structure are more complicated than using a shaft bearing. For melt gear pumps, whether journal bearing or rotating bearing is adopted, in order to reduce the heat generation of the gear part and the rotating seal part, there is also a cooling cavity in the center part of the gear pump, and the rotating coupling is installed. , It can be cooled with water. In the gear drive system, in order not to apply extra load to the bearing from the outside, a universal joint can be installed. Some melt gear pumps use sliding longitudinal grooves to replace universal joints.

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