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What are the differences in the structure and material selection of high-temperature melt pumps?

The pump body of the high temperature melt pump adopts integral hardening technology and is made of high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant high-temperature alloy steel materials. Compared with ordinary extruder melt pumps, it is more suitable for high temperature and high pressure working conditions and meets some requirements. The user's demand for product performance. The high temperature melt pump is based on the standard series of melt pumps and strengthens the design parameters of the pump body, such as high torque, low shear requirements, and high corrosion resistance requirements (fluorine-containing products).

high temperature high pressure melt pump

The high-temperature melt pump has optimized the self-lubricating system, inlet and outlet channels and gear structure of the pump body to make the material stay in the pump body for a shorter time and prevent the dead angle of the pump body gear. It is more suitable for PC, PMMA, PVC Extrusion of products with high smoothness and high transparency requirements and heat-sensitive materials. Zhengzhou Batte specializes in manufacturing high-temperature melt pumps, melt metering pumps, and extruder melt pumps. It provides a complete set of melt delivery, pressurization and metering solutions for many domestic listed companies and thousands of industry users.

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