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How does the PET double-column hydraulic screen changer carry out the introduction and exhaust?

As a manufacturer of screen changers for decades, Zhengzhou Batte has developed and manufactured a large number of high-quality plate and double-column hydraulic screen changers for my country's rubber and plastics industry, and provided a complete set of melt filtration solutions. The PET double-column screen changer provided by Zhengzhou Batte has obvious advantages such as small size, low energy consumption, convenient filter replacement, and low material and labor loss. Regarding what is the introduction of exhaust, Zhengzhou Batte screen changer manufacturers will explain one by one below.

pet extrusion screen changer

When replacing the filter screen of the PET double-column hydraulic screen changer, when replacing the old one with a new filter screen, part of the material is removed and a certain amount of air enters the screen changer plunger in the screen area. It is necessary to carry out the operation of leading material exhaust to remove the air in the plunger. When pushing the new filter screen into the main body of the double-column hydraulic screen changer, it is necessary to operate the screen changer plunger to stay at the lead exhaust position for a while. The purpose is to draw a small stream of material from the production flow path to the plunger. The air is discharged to avoid air bubbles in the product due to air mixing. In the process of introducing the material and exhausting, it can simultaneously realize the preheating and heating of the new plunger mesh, and at the same time avoid the temperature fluctuation caused by the replacement of the mesh during the process of replacing the filter.

Zhengzhou Batte automatic screen changer manufacturer provides a complete set of extruder double-column hydraulic screen changer, which mainly includes screen changer cylinder, hydraulic pump station and electrical control system. In addition, there are also PET melt pump production and sales, welcome to consult.

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