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Application of Hydraulic Drive Plate Screen Changer

Hydraulic slide screen changers can be installed on meltblown extruders, melt pumps, reactors or other extruder production lines and can be used to filter melts such as polymers and rubber. The hydraulic slide screen changer provided by Zhengzhou Batte is specially manufactured for extruder manufacturers, short-term delivery, sturdy and durable, one-piece body, can quickly change the screen without stopping, adopts electric heating, standard connection of plastic extrusion screen changer mouth, a wide range of applications.

single plate screen changer

The characteristics of the hydraulic slide screen changer are as follows:

1. Pressure activated sealing structure;
2. Maintenance-free wear-resistant sealing ring;
3. The working temperature reaches 300℃;
4. The melt pressure is up to 40MPa without leakage;
5. The design of the connecting flange is flexible and can be designed according to the specific equipment of the customer;
6. The plate screen changer has a fast screen changing speed and reduces downtime;
7. It can be equipped with a protective cover to prevent pinching and scalding;
8. Low installation and operation costs;
9. Heating methods include heating rod heating, heating plate heating, etc.

single plate screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte specializes in manufacturing high-quality screen changers, providing screen changers including: plate type hydraulic screen changer, plate type continuous screen changer, manual screen changer, plunger type continuous screen changer, automatic voltage regulator screen changer. Suitable for all kinds of plastic extruders, plastic granulators, wire drawing machines, shower machines, rubber extruders, rubber filters, sheet machines, casting units, compound machines, blow molding machines, injection molding machines, sheet extrusion machines Extrusion, sheet extrusion, hollow sheet, EPE foam and other extruders. The new machine is equipped with a screen changer, and the old extruder needs to be equipped with a screen changer. Send an email to

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