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What are the advantages of the single-board double-station screen changer?

Single-plate double-station screen changer is a cost-effective equipment that is widely used in melt filtration equipment. slide plate screen changer is widely used in granulation production, pipe production, blown film production, sheet metal production and other fields. What are the advantages of the single-board double-station screen changer?

single plate screen changer

Compared with other screen changer equipment, the price of single-plate double-station screen changer is very cheap, and its application field is also the most widely used in melt filtration equipment. It can be said that the single-board double-station screen changer is a cost-effective and widely used fast and non-stop screen changer. Advantages of plate-type double-station screen changer: It can realize fast screen changing, and the material flow fluctuation is small; it adopts the overall structure, its volume is small, and the flow channel is short; it also adopts the advantages of internal heating, fast and uniform heating.

screen changer for plastic extrusion

Features of single plate screen changer:

1. The single-plate dual-station hydraulic filter adopts the external heating of the annular heater, which is safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The heating of the entire equipment is more uniform and consistent, which effectively improves the overall coordination performance.
2. The innovative structure design of Zhengzhou Batte improves the phenomenon of material leakage and sticking, so that the rapid replacement of the filter screen can achieve better results.
3. The flexible sealing device can meet the high extrusion production of any polymer, and can be used with different standard extruders.
4. Double station quick screen changing time ≤ 2 seconds, filter diameter can be selected from φ70-φ450, and filter area can be selected from ¢30mm-¢250mm. It can also be customized according to user needs.
5. The filter screen design with high wear resistance, high pressure resistance and high precision improves the effective area of ​​filtration and the quality of filtration.
6. When the pressure is 30Mpa and the temperature is below 300°C, its performance will not be affected.
7. Applicable to almost all polymers, such as: PC, PMMA, PET, PS, PU, ​​PP, PE, EVA, ABS, etc.

slide plate hydraulic screen changer

Screen changing process of plate type double station screen changer: two detachable filter stations are designed on the slide plate (only one station is designed for the slide plate of the single plate single station screen changer), when working, one filter station The melt is filtered inside the main body, and another station is reserved outside the main body (stainless steel heating rods are installed on the slide plate for heating and heat preservation to ensure that the slide plate and the production temperature are similar, which is conducive to improving the quality of the final product). When the impurities on the filter net accumulate to a certain extent during the work, it is necessary to change the screen. You can press the operating handle button on the hydraulic station to start the accumulating hydraulic station to perform the screen changing operation. For more information about the price of the screen changer or to inspect the relevant case site, please consult us.

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