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PC plastic 120 extruder melt pump | special melt pump for extruder

The plastic extrusion melt gear pump is usually used together with a single-screw or twin-screw extruder in plastic processing, it can further homogenize the melt, the pressure is stable, the material output has no pulsation, and the quality of the product can be improved. This equipment is not only used for plastic melt granulation and compounding, but also for extrusion of sheets, pipes, films and profiles. The heating method is mainly electric heating, and heat transfer oil can also be used. Suitable for PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PE-LLD and other processes.

pvc melt pump

The pc extrusion melt pump can be applied to high temperature (350℃) high pressure (35MPa) high viscosity (20,000Pa s) working conditions; the optimized flow channel design avoids dead corners in the flow channel, reduces material residues and improves product quality. The improved gear parameter design makes the output pressure more stable and the pulsation rate lower, which is suitable for precision extrusion. High temperature alloy steel is used, which has good wear resistance and long service life. Different sealing methods are used to adapt to a wide range of viscosity. Suitable installation methods can be provided according to different site conditions of customers, which is more flexible and practical.

plastic extruder melt pump

Extruder Pump Parameters

Specifications/Flow Range: 0.6CC-3200CC Conveying medium viscosity: 1~20000Pa·s (1,000~20,000,000cP) Inlet pressure 0~30MPa Outlet pressure 0~40MPa Maximum differential pressure 25MPa Operating temperature ≦350℃

melt pump in extruder

Hot melt pump for extruder can be installed in a variety of ways. The input shaft of the pump can be arranged horizontally or vertically (both up and down); the drive system generally includes: motor, reducer, universal coupling, Pump connector, reducer connector, etc. The complete set of equipment includes melt pump, inlet and outlet connectors, drive system, control system, etc. Customers can choose according to specific conditions.

melt pump installed

Batte melt pump research and development, production, sales of melt pump, high temperature melt pump, melt metering pump, melt gear pump, chemical pipeline pump and melt pump PID and PLC control system high-tech industry. Melt pump is mainly used for conveying, pressurizing and metering of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt. Melt gear pump has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, profile, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing, composite extrusion and other production lines and chemical transportation industries. It has the characteristics of low consumption, high volumetric efficiency and small shearing effect on the melt.

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