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PP FDY YARN POY chemical fiber spinning metering pump

The chemical fiber spinning metering pump belongs to the  in the form of gears and is one of the key components of the spinning machine. solidified into filaments. Mainly used in spinning polyester, polypropylene, nylon filament staple, spinning POY and FDY filament.

spinning metering melt pump

Planetry melt spinning pump structure

The chemical fiber spinning metering pump is composed of plates, gears, shafts, transmission sleeves, fixed sleeves, cover plates and other parts. The melt transported by the pump during operation is self-lubricated. Various parts are closely matched to form a mechanical seal, which can prevent the melt from leaking out. The pump body is mostly made of high temperature tool steel and alloy steel, which can also be customized according to user needs.

hot melt pump for PP FDY YARN

Chemical fiber hot spinning melt pump for pp fdy yarn parameters

Outlet pressure: ≤50MPa
Working speed: 5-40rpm
Maximum differential pressure: 40MPa
Working temperature: ≤350℃
Cleaning temperature: ≤450℃
Flow: 0.1-150CC/REV
Import and export: one in and one out/two out, four out, six out, eight out, sixteen out.

Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump is engaged in the production and development of chemical fiber spinning pump and polymer melt gear pump. The company's main business is melt spinning metering pump, oil pump, special gear metering pump for spunbond non-woven fabrics, polymer gears, etc. . The company integrates scientific research and production, and is committed to the development and promotion of polymer gear pumps. The products are sold at home and abroad with the advantages of high quality and low price. Polymer melt pumps are widely used in domestic chemical fiber, plastic, rubber and other industries.

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