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The structure and characteristics of the melt discharge pump polymer reactor kettle melt pump

The low-pressure large-flow kettle bottom discharge pump is suitable for the reaction transportation of high-temperature and high-viscosity polymer melts with low output pressure and large flow, such as resin, chemical fiber and other industries. It is generally installed at the bottom of the reactor and used as a feed pump. The melt discharge pump for the bottom of the kettle has strong self-priming ability and can feed under vacuum conditions; in the design of the gear, the tooth width is increased to facilitate the transportation of large flow. The melt discharge pump at the bottom of the kettle can be heated by electric heating or heat transfer oil according to the actual working conditions.

polymer reactor kettle melt pump

The polymer melt discharge pump is mainly composed of a pump casing, a driving gear, a driven gear, a sliding bearing, front and rear covers, and packing seals. Involute helical gears are often used in melt discharge pumps for conveying high-viscosity and high-pressure polymer melts, and the helical gears have the smallest pulsation during the conveying process. The gear and the shaft are made into one piece to improve its rigidity and reliability. The gears of the low-pressure melt discharge gear pump often adopt a square structure, that is, the tooth width of the gear is equal to the diameter of the tip circle. The tooth width of the high-viscosity gear pump used in high-pressure applications is smaller than the diameter of its tooth tip circle, which is to reduce the radial pressure area of ​​the gear and reduce the load of the gear and bearing.

polymer reactor kettle melt pump

The melt discharge pump for the bottom of the kettle is generally installed at the bottom of the reaction kettle, and adopts the installation form of motor + reducer + universal coupling. The resulting displacement ensures the normal operation of the entire device. The discharge pump for the bottom of the kettle provided by Zhengzhou Battehas a displacement of up to 20000CC, which can meet the production needs of most polymer melts.

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