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Special melt pump for Extruder - extrusion with the highest precision and best quality

The extrusion process is very diverse. In the process of plastic extrusion, a variety of profiles and pipes can be produced. Single or multi-layer films can also be produced by extruder. In coextrusion, various materials are made into thin films by using multiple extruders. In addition to classic polymers, such as polypropylene or polycarbonate, they are also used to extrude filled polymers. In wood plastic composites (WPC), wood components are bonded in a polymer matrix. Extrusion technology is also used in the food industry. For food extrusion, the purity requirement is very high.

melt pump for plastic extrusion

Due to design reasons, the extruder cannot ensure that the pressure at the outlet is very constant. In addition, the efficiency of increasing pressure in the extruder is not very good. When the extruder is equipped with a melt pump, these problems can be well solved. The main function of the melt pump is to separate the melting and plasticizing section of the polymer from the metering section, pressurize, stabilize and stably feed the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder into the extruder head, and it can work continuously at a high temperature of 350 ℃ and a high pressure of 35MPa. Melt pump is a positive displacement conveying device. Its outlet pressure is not affected by the change of inlet pressure, and its volumetric efficiency and energy efficiency are very high. It can not only meet the requirements of equipment operation stability and improve product quality, but also meet the requirements of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

melt gear pump for extruder

Usage scenario of extrusion melt pump:

1. There must be no pulsation during transportation
2. Process of using screen changer
3. In the granulation production line
4. For composite process
5. Processing of thermoplastic, elastomer and high filled plastic
6. During rubber extrusion

rubber extrusion melt pump

Extrusion is a general application field of melt pump. In many processes, this is a problem of creating constant pressure conditions and reducing the heat entering the medium. This is essential to ensure consistent product quality and avoid excessive waste. Zhengzhou Bart is a professional melt pump manufacturer. The melt pump produced by it inherits the German Seiko technology and is widely applicable to the extrusion production of plastic sheet forest, film and pipe. It can effectively eliminate the pulse fluctuation of the extruder, so as to improve the dimensional stability of products and reduce losses.

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