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Introduction of melt pressure sensor of high temperature melt pump

The pressure sensor of the melt pump is a very sensitive element. Whether it is used correctly or not is related to the quality of the melt. By setting the melt pressure sensor and pressure control device at the connection of the die inlet, the production efficiency can be more stable and the waste of materials can be reduced at the same time. Melt pressure sensor is a standard configuration of high-temperature melt pump, which is respectively installed at the inlet and outlet of the melt pump to measure the melt pressure at the inlet and outlet of the melt pump, so as to ensure the stable high-pressure feeding of subsequent melts. Usually, the damage of the pressure sensor is caused by its improper installation position. If the sensor is forcibly installed in a too small hole or a hole with irregular shape, it may cause the shock film of the sensor to be damaged. For the matters we need to pay attention to in the use of melt pressure sensor, Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturer expounds from the following two aspects.

high pressure melt pump

In the process of extrusion production, there should be sufficient "soaking time" from solid to molten state for plastic raw materials. If the melt pump has not reached the operating temperature before starting production, the melt pressure sensor and the melt pump will be damaged to a certain extent. In addition, if the melt pressure sensor is removed from the cold high-temperature melt pump, the material may adhere to the top of the melt pressure sensor and cause damage to the vibrating film. Therefore, before removing the melt pressure sensor, it should be confirmed that the temperature of the melt pump is high enough and the material inside the melt is in a softened state.

melt pump sensor

Even if the overload design of the pressure measuring range of the sensor can reach 50% (the ratio beyond the larger range), from the perspective of equipment operation safety, we should try to avoid risks and choose the melt pressure sensor whose measured pressure is within the range. Under normal circumstances, the better range of the selected melt pressure sensor should be twice the measured pressure, so that even if the melt pump operates under high pressure, the melt pressure sensor can be prevented from being damaged. The range of melt pressure sensor provided by Zhengzhou Batte is 0-35mpa, which can meet the production needs of most users.

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