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Which parts of the automatic screen changer will leak?

Automatic screen changer import and export flange connection leakage, the failure of two causes.

1. not level with the screw or runner opening.
2. The flange bolts are not locked tight.

Take the approach are: the runner mouth leveling and flange re-locking.


Automatic screen changer cooling water outlet flow becomes small or no water, the cause of failure: long time use of cooling water circuit rust plug.

The solution is: descaling of the water circuit of the screen changer.

Automatic screen changer leakage at the inlet, there are three reasons for the failure:

1. The cooling water flow is too small;
2. The pressure in front of the net is too high due to the long interval of walking the net;

Take the following measures: 1. increase the flow of cooling water; 2. adjust the walk interval of the automatic screen changer; 3. lower the walk pressure of the screen changer.


Zhengzhou Batte melt pump is a professional R & D and production of polymer booster, network change filter equipment manufacturers, in the polymer filtration equipment industry has been developed for more than thirty years of history. The types of screen changers produced by the company are plate, column, backwashing, mesh belt, etc. The product range is complete, if you need, feel free to contact us.

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