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Film blowing single plate none stop screen changer

Film blowing has the characteristics of high pressure in production and application. When selecting, we will design the internal structure of screen changer according to the characteristics of the product, completely eliminate the fluctuations caused by the melt pressure and temperature during screen changing, and improve the film products.


Most PEs are used for blown film processing, and general low-density PE (LDPE) or linear low-density PE (LLDPE) are available. HDPE film grade is generally used where superior tensile property and good impermeability are required. For example, HDPE film is commonly used in commodity bags, grocery bags and food packaging. PE film is generally processed by ordinary film blowing or flat extrusion.

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Special non-stop screen changer for film blowing On large single-layer and multi-layer co extrusion film blowing units, non-stop screen changer We use a single board dual station screen changer. The film blowing and sending screen changer adopts high-performance steel and unconventional processing and heat treatment methods, and is equipped with a pressure stabilizing, lubricating and sealing mechanism. The pressure stabilizing mechanism cooperates with the main network to stabilize the pressure fluctuation during screen changing, making the screen switching more stable. The unique sealing system and high-temperature lubrication system "cooperate" to make the main body of the screen changer withstand 40~60MPa, without any leakage after 4~5 years of use. When changing the screen, "relay type" automatic exhaust shall be provided without shutdown, deceleration, material leakage and oil leakage. The specifications range from SJ45 to SJ260.

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