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What are the heating methods of high temperature melt gear pumps?

High-temperature melt gear pump is a device for forced material transfer through gear meshing. High-temperature melt gear pump is a kind of gear pump, which is suitable for high-temperature and high-viscosity polymer melt transfer, pressurization and metering, and has wide application in polyester chemical fiber and plastic extrusion industries. There are two main heating methods for melt gear pumps: thermal medium heating and electric heating.

reactor kettle melt pump

1、Heat medium heating

Melt gear pump thermal medium heating is mainly through the shell of the insulation jacket or insulation runner to achieve the jacket design pressure is generally not higher than 1.6MPa, the thermal medium is mainly divided into two kinds of gas-phase thermal medium and liquid-phase thermal medium. The gas-phase thermal medium generally adopts biphenyl-biphenyl ether mixture, and the liquid mixture is heated by the thermal medium furnace and then depressurized and flash evaporated, in which part of the thermal medium is vaporized for the user's use, and the remaining thermal medium is recycled after the condensate of the gas-phase thermal medium is discharged from the user's end. The liquid-phase thermal fluid is usually partially hydrogenated triple biphenyl, which is heated and circulated in the system to heat each equipment and pipeline.

plastic extrusion melt pump

2、Electric heating

Electric heating is a high efficiency heating method, fast and uniform heating, easy to operate and safe to use. Commonly used electric heating devices are: electric heating rod, cast aluminum / cast copper electric heating plate, mica / ceramic electric heating circle, electric heating tape, etc.. The electric heating is mainly controlled by the temperature control meter to energize and de-energize the electric heater to realize the precise control of temperature.

The melt gear pumps provided by Zhengzhou Bart can be widely used in many polymer material fields such as PLA/PBAT/PGA industry for degradation materials, PS/HIPS/ABS industry, PET/r-PET/PA industry for chemical fiber, rubber/extrusion, etc.

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