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Melt pumps in the XPS extruded foam sheet industry

Batte melt gear pumps for thermoplastic extrusion processes, such as sheet, plate, pipe and film industries require a special stable extrusion pressure flow system between the outlet and the die head of the metering pump installed in the extruder. This series of melt pump adopts special gear structure and special flow design to ensure stable outlet pressure and flow rate.

melt pump in the xps extruder foam sheet industry

I. XPS foam sheet specifications: (width mm * thickness mm) 60*2 60*2.5 60*3 60*3.5 60*5 60*10

2. the product: XPS insulation board Raw material: benzene modified material Foaming medium: CO

3. the main production equipment: double-stage extruder (Φ135 and Φ150 screw)

Supporting equipment for Φ135: screen changer 8 temperature zones, respectively 172°C 156°C 160°C 160°C 144°C 218°C 240°C

Supporting equipment for Φ150: melt pump, mixer, exchanger, mold heater, plate mold Temperature zone is 7, respectively: 202°C 162°C 158°C 146°C 110°C 66°C 75°C

melt pump system for sheet line

4. Φ135 screw parameters: motor power 75KW, frequency 105, speed 30.4 rpm

Φ150 screw parameters: motor power 55KW, frequency 79, speed 39 rpm

Melt pump parameters: Model MP-M-315CC Inverter motor power 18.5KW PID control system

Melt pump inlet pressure: 15MPa Outlet pressure: 25MPa Inlet temperature: 93°C Melt pump temperature 125°C Outlet temperature: 116°C. Speed 12rpm Current 27A

5. Kneader temperature 125°C Mold temperature 150°C Mouth mold temperature: 70°C

6. foaming parameters: Freon Infusion pressure 25MPa.



Conclusion: The advantages of adding melt pump in XPS foaming production line.

1. Reduce the specific gravity

2. Make the XPS sheet inside and outside the temperature and pressure to reduce the uniform temperature, can solve the problem of sheet bending

3. Can increase the pressure required by the mold

4. Can temperature XPS sheet cross-sectional dimensional accuracy


Whatsapp: +86 158 38331071

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