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hydraulic screen changer for box strapping plant (PP/PET)

It is a new multi-station structure with preheating and exhausting mechanism, no pressure fluctuation when changing the net, which ensures the continuous production and dimensional stability of baling belt products, realizes no stoppage, no strip break, no material leakage, no influence on production and belt size, increases production, energy saving, consumption and cost reduction. It is a cost effective and widely used quick non-stop screen changer.

hydraulic screen changer for box strapping plant (PP/PET)

Features of the screen changer for baling belt

Quick screen change within 1 second, fast screen change action, small change in material flow, no material leakage, high pressure resistance (peak up to 50MPA), large filtering area, short runner, easy operation, less screen change waste, easy and fast screen change, no stop to change screen. Adopting internal heating, fast heating speed, uniform temperature and small energy consumption.

screen changer for pp and pet packing belt production line

The working principle of hydraulic screen changer for box strapping plant (PP/PET)

When working, one filter station is inside the main body to filter the melt, and the other station is outside the main body for backup (the slide plate is equipped with stainless steel heating rod for heating and heat preservation to ensure the similarity with the production temperature). When the impurities on the filter net accumulate to a certain degree during the work, it is necessary to change the net, you can press the button of the operating handle on the hydraulic station to start the accumulator hydraulic station to change the net action.

screen changer for baling belt

We provide professional and considerate consultation and technical service to each customer, and provide a complete set of melt de-contamination solutions tailored to each customer. With the rise of the biodegradable material industry, we have concentrated our R&D efforts on the new biodegradable polymer screen changing equipment, which is suitable for PBAT, PLA, PBS, PGA, PCL and other mainstream biodegradable materials. In recent years, we have overcome the sealing technology of extra-large polymer screen changers and specialize in the design and manufacture of various extra-large polymer screen changers.


Whatsapp: +86 158 38331071

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