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How to choose a screen changer?

As an important part of extrusion and polymerization lines, screen changers are increasingly used in related industries. There are various types of screen changers, which can be divided into discontinuous screen changers, continuous screen changers, and continuous backwashing screen changers just by using performance. Today, we analyze from the performance aspect, how should we choose.

mesh belt screen changer

一. continuous backwashing screen changer

Continuous backflush screen changer is mainly double column type screen changer, the screen shape is mostly round, because of its different backwashing structure also has long strip, cylinder, horseshoe, etc., its screen changing, backwashing process pressure and process is relatively constant, the main application areas:

1, recycling production: granulation or extrusion-related production.

2、Production with very stable process requirements.

3、Polymerization production or extrusion production requiring an extended number of screen uses.

backflush screen changer

二. Continuous screen changer

Continuous screen changer is mainly double column, single column and single plate can also be designed as continuous type, but its performance is not as good as double column type screen changer. Continuous screen changer can also be divided into round, rectangular, curved, cylindrical, rectangular, etc. The pressure and process of screen changing are relatively stable, and the main application areas:

1、Direct extrusion: film, profile, sheet, pipe, fiber, packing tape, pulling strip pelletizing, etc.

2, co-mingling: underwater pelletizing, water ring pelletizing, strip pulling and pelletizing, etc.

3, raw material production: polymerization production line.

4、Recycling production: recycling material production, production of waste products in production, production of trimmings in production, etc.

single plate screen changer

三. Non-continuous screen changer

Non-continuous screen changers include: manual screen changer, single plate screen changer, single column screen changer, etc. The single column screen changer can be divided into round, long, curved, cartridge, etc. from the shape of the screen. Discontinuous screen changers have relatively large pressure fluctuations during screen change or require short downtime, and the main application areas:

1、Interrupted production process.

2、Small test lines.

3、Pure color material processing.

4、Small batch masterbatch production and co-mingling production, etc.

dual pillar screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte is a professional manufacturer of melt gear pump and screen changer, integrating R&D, production and sales. If you have any needs, welcome to contact us at any time to provide you with quality products and services.


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