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Melt Pumps and Sereen changers for Blown Film Extrusion

Melt pumps in combination with screen changers can produce a number of positive benefits in new blown film lines or as retrofits on existing lines. Gear pumps and screen changers are used in the blown film industry will be reviewed in detail.

blow film extrusion gear melt pump

Blow film extrusion gear melt pumps are positive displacement devices, producing a consistent flow regardless of discharge pressure. Installed between the extruder and blown flm die, the pump takes on the job of generating pressure and does so at efficiencies approaching 98% versus approximately 40% for an extruder.

melt pump for film-blowing

The main benefits of applying a melt pump are:

1. Reduce the dimensional tolerance of the extruded product to a smaller size, allowing more products to be produced per unit weight of material. When the dimensional tolerance requirements of extruded products are strict or the raw material cost of the products is expensive, using a melt pump is more necessary and valuable.

2. By combining a co rotating twin screw extruder with a melt pump to form a mixing extrusion granulation production line, the mixing quality and output are significantly improved compared to individual twin screw granulation units. The energy consumption per kilogram of material processed can generally be reduced by about 25%.

3. It is possible to use multiple small and medium-sized extruders to simultaneously supply material to one melt pump. The melt is pressurized and metered by the melt pump before being supplied to the machine head for extruding large products (large diameter pipes, wide plates, films, etc.). The production line with this configuration has a compact structure and a small footprint; The cross-sectional dimensions of extruded products are more precise and easy to control.

screen changer for blown film extrusion

We all know that after using the film blowing machine for a period of time, some black spots and other dirty things will appear on the blown film. At this time, we need to use a non-stop screen changer. The performance and advantages of the non-stop screen changer for blown film extrusion are as follows:

1. The screen changer for film blowing consists of a filter body, a heating/cooling series, and an electronic control system.

2. It does not require external force control, and its system control components can automatically control the filtering time and mesh speed.

3. Automatically and continuously replace the filter screen without any manual operation.

4. During the mesh changing process, there is no fluctuation in material flow and no deformation of the product, resulting in good quality stability.

5. During the production process, there are no waste products or waste materials generated, and the consumption of raw materials is low.

6. The length of the filter screen can be customized from 10-20m, and can be continuously produced for 2-6 months.


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