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The composition structure and self-lubricating principle of the melt conveying gear pump

The melt conveying gear pump mainly consists of a pump casing, driving gear, driven gear, sliding bearings, front and rear end covers, packing seals, etc. Most melt gear pumps that transport high viscosity and high-pressure polymer melts use involute helical gears, which have less pulsation during the transportation process.

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The gear and shaft of the melt conveying gear pump are integrated to improve its rigidity and reliability. The melt gear pump adopts sliding bearings, and a spiral flow channel is machined on the non load-bearing surface of the bearing inner wall. The spiral groove rotates in the same direction as the gear shaft. The outer end of the bearing is connected to the inlet of the pump, and the spiral groove at the inner end of the bearing is connected to the root of the gear teeth (vacuum part). When the shaft rotates, with the help of the spiral action and the pressure difference between the two ends of the bearing, some of the melt is fed into the gap between the journal and the sliding bearing from the high-pressure end. After lubricating and cooling the journal and bearing, it flows into the newly disengaged teeth at the low-pressure end through the lubrication channels on the pump casing and end cover, forming a fully lubricated and quickly dissipated spiral self-suction lubrication system. Viscous lubricants are prone to forming dynamic pressure oil films with strong load-bearing capacity. A large amount of lubricant circulation continuously carries away the heat from the journal and bearings, providing good lubrication and cooling effects on the journal and bearings.

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For high viscosity gear pumps, the suction port diameter is generally large, and sometimes a diffusion shaped suction port is used to expand the volume of the low-pressure zone to reduce the flow rate of the inlet liquid and reduce the suction resistance of the pump. This structure can also reduce the radial force acting on the journal and bearings, extending the service life of high viscosity gear pumps. The shaft seal of the melt gear pump adopts a combination form of reverse spiral and packing seal, and the key factor for the success of the combination form is to control the pressure of the sealing chamber.


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