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Melt pumps for plastic sheet extruders

The function of the melt pump is to boost and stabilize the high temperature plastic melt from the extruder and then send the flow to the extruder head in a stable manner to improve the extrusion output and product quality, reduce the unit energy consumption and extend the life of the extruder.

plastic PC sheets melt pump

PC sheet extrusion melt pump

The main structure of the polymer melt pump for sheet extruder provided by Zhengzhou Batte includes a gear pump consisting of a pump body and a pair of gears that will gradually separate and re-engage with each other during relative rotation, characterized by an electric heater in the interlayer of the pump body and inlet and outlet of the material, respectively, with inlet and outlet material pressure measurement and detection devices. Sheet extruder with melt pump is further characterized by the electric heater is cast aluminum electric heater.

melt gear pump for PS sheet extruder

melt gear pump for PS sheet extruder

Sheet extruder with melt, the effect embodied is that it is a novel concept, compact structure, the material can be high starch content of more than 70% of the full degradation of paper imitation sheet extruder after conveying mixing, shear plasticization, dehydration and exhaust process of the plastic state of the melt, this volumetric pump with variable pressure and metering detection function, can improve the flow output speed, reduce the material in the extruder shear and Residence time, reduce extrusion temperature and pressure pulsation, in order to improve extrusion efficiency and quality of finished products. The melt pump for sheet extruder is equipped with electric heater and inlet and outlet material pressure metering detection device, which can realize rapid temperature rise and heat control and keep the material outlet pressure pulsation within 1%. This kind of melt pump can fully meet the requirements of high yield sheet extrusion in the preparation process of fully degraded paper-like materials.

PP sheet three-layer coextrusion melt pump

PP sheet three-layer coextrusion melt pump

Since the professional production of high temperature melt gear pump, Zhengzhou Batte has accumulated rich experience in the application technology of melt pump. In recent years, according to the development trend of melt pump application technology in the world, especially in the field of plastic and rubber precision extrusion, Zhengzhou BATTE has carried out various researches on the working basis, performance, equipment structure development and control technology of melt pump and has made certain achievements.

Three layer extrusion sheet melt gear pump


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