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Application of High Temperature Melt Pump in Microporous Plastic Forming

Microcellular plastics refer to foamed plastics with a cell diameter of 0.1~10 microns and a cell density of 109~1012 cells/cm3, which have excellent comprehensive properties. The foaming process of microcellular plastics generally goes through three stages, namely the nucleation of bubbles, the growth of bubbles, and the solidification and shaping of the foam body. Among them, high pressure and pressure drop rate are required during the nucleation process of bubbles, so high-temperature melt pumps can be used as nucleation devices.

microcellular plastics melt pump

The high-temperature melt pump used as a nucleation device mainly utilizes the pressure boosting effect of the gear pump to increase the pressure of the melt. In this type of microcellular plastic extrusion equipment, a high-temperature gear pump is installed at the rear end of the barrel, and then the extrusion foam machine head is connected. After the gas/polymer system enters the inlet of the gear pump, a closed space is formed between the gear teeth and the inner wall of the pump body. As the gear rotates, the closed space becomes smaller and smaller, causing an increase in the pressure of the polymer melt, thereby increasing the pressure of the melt. After the system flows out of the high-temperature melt pump, the pressure is quickly released, forming a large number of bubble nuclei, which are then solidified and shaped to obtain microporous plastics.

melt pump manufacturer

The materials that can be processed by high-temperature melt pumps almost cover the majority of polymer materials, such as PE, PC, PP, PVC, PET, polysulfone, polyester, fluoropolymers, thermoplastic elastomers, and rubber, which have become a hot topic in the development of modern plastic molding technology and equipment.


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