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Application, Structure and Characteristics of Chemical Fiber melt gear pump

Introduction to Chemical Fiber extrusion melt gear pump

The chemical fiber extrusion melt gear pump belongs to a gear type metering pump and is one of the key components on the spinning machine. Solid plastic melts the liquid at high temperature through the screw, and is pushed to the filtering equipment through the extrusion force of the screw. Then, the filtered spinning melt is uniformly and equivalently transported to the spinning component, and is cooled and solidified into silk through the micro pores of the spinneret plate.

chemical fiber extrusion melt gear pump

Applicable industries for spinning melt pumps

Suitable for short fibers, filaments, spinning polyester, spandex, polypropylene, nylon filaments, spinning POY and FDY filaments, spinning carbon fibers, polyurethane, etc.

spinning melt pump

Structure and characteristics of chemical fiber melt pump

The chemical fiber melt pump is composed of upper plate, pump plate, bottom plate, driving gear, driven gear, driving shaft driven shaft, transmission sleeve, fixed sleeve, cover plate and other parts. The chemical fiber pump adopts a mechanical seal to tightly fit various parts, which can prevent the melt from leaking out. The transmission of the pump relies on the power source of the motor to output torque, and a dedicated connecting rod is used between the pump and the motor to drive the pump. The placement direction of the pump is clockwise and cannot be reversed. Before leaving the factory, all spinning metering pumps are inspected and qualified on a dedicated flow testing machine. The flow rate can be increased from 0.1CC to 1000CC/r. Import and export can achieve: one in, one out/two out, four out, six out, eight out, sixteen out, and thirty-two out.

chemical fiber melt pump in extruder

Sealing method of chemical fiber melt pump

With the differences in operating conditions, there are also many sealing methods for spinning metering pumps. Common sealing methods include combination sealing, mechanical sealing, packing sealing, and air-cooled sealing.


Whatsapp: +86 158 38331071

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