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Polymer melt pump application field, flow range, working speed

Melt pumps in extruder can provide accurate, stable, and reliable fluid metering, which is suitable for almost all polymers used in the plastic industry, including: chemical fiber polyester, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic fiber, cellulose, spandex, and many special fibers. The materials processed by the melt pump include: polypropylene | hot melt adhesive | fluoropolymer | polysulfone | polyester | cellulose PC | PUR | PEEK | HIPS | ABS | LLDPE | PS | PA | PVA | PVB | TPES | HDPE | PB | PET | SAN | PIB, and so on.

melt pump in extruder

Extrusion melt pump flow range: 0.1CC, 0.5CC, 1CC, 2CC, 5CC, 10CC, 20CC, 31.5CC, 50CC, 100CC, 150CC, 200CC, 315CC, 500CC, 800CC, 1200CC, 2500CC, 3200CC, 4000CC, 6100CC, 8500CC, 12000CC (milliliters per revolution).

melt pump for plastic extrusion

Polymer melt pump working speed: The speed range for conveying high-temperature melt is 10 to 100 revolutions per minute, and the specific speed depends on the actual production process conditions.


Whatsapp: +86 158 38331071

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