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Characteristics of shaft sleeve structure design for melt gear pumps

The shaft sleeve used for extrusion melt pump is characterized in that a flow guide groove for melt infiltration is set on the inner hole wall of the shaft sleeve, and a reflux groove is set on one side wall and outer wall of the shaft sleeve. The guide groove is located at the large end of the groove opening on the cavity side of the melt gear pump, which is deeper and wider than the small end of the groove opening near the cover plate side. The guide groove extends with a certain degree of curvature from the large end to the small end, and the groove opening at the large end gradually extends from deeper and wider to shallower and narrower groove openings at the small end.

polymer melt gear pump

polymer melt gear pump

One end of the reflux groove is close to the small end of the diversion groove but not connected, and the reflux groove extends from one side wall of the shaft sleeve to the outer wall of the shaft sleeve. A pair of symmetrical shaft sleeves correspond to the driving shaft and the driven shaft respectively, and the reflux grooves of the two shaft sleeves correspond to each other, forming reflux holes.

extrusion melt pump

high temperaturer extrusion melt pump

The shaft sleeve adopting this structure is arranged on the active and driven shafts of the pump body, and the shaft sleeve and shaft rotate relative to each other. A small part of the melt in the pump body infiltrates into the hole wall of the shaft sleeve through the large end of the guide groove, providing good lubrication. The melt that infiltrates into the guide groove flows out from the small end of the guide groove and flows into a similar reflux groove. The self lubricating melt in this part flows back into the cavity of the pump body under the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pump, Implementing a self-lubricating cycle can reduce the wear of the shaft sleeve and shaft, and maintain the long-term stable operation of the melt gear pump.


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