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Application and Parameters of Wood Plastic Melt Pump

The wood plastic profile production line is mainly used for extruding profiles such as PVC+wood powder, production skirting lines, door edge lines, door frame lines, louvers, photo frames, mirror frames, door frames, door frames, window frames, vertical beams, staircase handrails, decorative gussets, furniture materials, etc. The wood plastic process and formula used in the production line can be designed according to different profiles and purposes, with different product densities, different specifications of wood plastic special twin screw extruders, and BATTE special melt pumps. The traction machine adopts technology, which ensures smooth operation, good reliability, and large traction force. Vacuum shaping adopts a special enlarged eddy current cooling system, which is convenient for cooling and shaping to meet the production characteristics of wood-plastic profiles. The sawing device is synchronized with the traction speed of the profile, with reasonable design and stable operation. It can automatically cut to length and is equipped with a dust recovery device.

wood plastic extrusion melt pump

wood plastic extrusion melt pump

All gears and mating surfaces of the wood plastic specialized melt pump are finely ground and the assembly clearance is strictly controlled to obtain the flow rate. The ZB-B series of gears and pump bodies are made of chromium nickel alloy steel and high-temperature tool steel materials according to different working conditions; The ZB-H series adopts imported CPM tool steel or titanium tantalum alloy material, with overall quenching, hardness of HRC62-68, and good wear resistance.

wood plastic melt pump

wood plastic melt pump

Technical parameters of wood plastic melt pump:

1. ZB-B series: working temperature: ≤ 400 ℃ (750 ℉), cleaning temperature: ≤ 450 ℃ (850 ℉), outlet pressure: ≤ 40MPa (6000psi), viscosity: ≤ 4000Pa. s (400000cp)

2. ZB-H series: working temperature: 510 ℃ (950 ℉) cleaning temperature: ≤ 590 ℃ (1100 ℉), outlet pressure: ≤ 70MPa (10000psi) maximum pressure difference: 50 MPa (7000psi) viscosity: ≤ 2000Pa. s (2000000cp)

3. Sealing: Generally, spiral sealing and packing sealing are used, and other mechanical sealing forms can also be used according to customer requirements.

4. Drive: Motor+reducer+universal coupling+pump body. The motor adopts variable frequency speed regulation, which can be adjusted to the required flow rate at will. It can also be in the form of DC speed regulation and servo drive according to customer requirements.

5. Heating: The melt pump uses electric rod heating or thermal medium heating to control the melt temperature.

Melt pump in wood plastic extruder

ZB-H Melt gear pump in wood plastic extruder

The melt metering pump manufactured by Zhengzhou BATTE Melt Pump Company adopts inclined shaft design, involute helical gear technology, and European standard material accessories. It has advantages such as stable output pressure, improved product quality, improved overall stability, extended extruder life, reduced unit energy consumption, saved raw material consumption, and multi field applicability. The models of melt metering pumps range from 0.5CC-12000CC and can also be customized according to user needs.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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