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Fully automatic screen changing melt screen changing device for recycling and granulation of waste p

During the use of high-temperature melt pumps, there are always some "minor problems", but if you are familiar with all possible faults of the melt pump and have clear solutions, you can avoid faults, improve production efficiency, and maximize the benefits of the factory. Without further ado, let's take a look at one of the possible faults of the melt pump: how to handle faults caused by insufficient flow rate of the high-temperature melt pump.

thermoplastic melt pump

thermoplastic melt pump

There are six possible reasons for the insufficient flow rate of the high-temperature melt pump. 1、 Reason: The suction or discharge valve is closed; Countermeasure: Confirm whether the valve is closed; 2、 Reason: Low inlet pressure; Countermeasure: Check if the valve is open; 3、 Reason: The outlet pipeline is blocked; Countermeasure: Confirm whether the discharge amount is normal; 4、 Reason: The stuffing box is leaking; Countermeasure: When tightening and a large amount of leakage affects production, the operation should be stopped and disassembled for inspection; 5、 Reason: The speed is too low; Countermeasure: Check the actual speed of the pump shaft; 6、 Reason: The melt pump is worn or the gap is too large; Countermeasure: Stop and disassemble for inspection.

extrusion melt pump

plastic extrusion melt pump

The above is all about how to handle the malfunction caused by insufficient flow rate of the high-temperature plastic extrusion melt pump. If there are any unclear points, please directly contact the Bart melt pump.


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