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Analysis and Solution of the Working Condition of the Screen Changer's Push-pull Failure

The following methods should be adopted to solve the problem of plate and column screen changers not moving when pushed or pulled:

1. Check whether the hydraulic station is started, whether there is pressure (whether the oil pipe is vibrating), and whether the pressure gauge setting of the hydraulic station is around 15MPA;

2. The main reason why the newly installed screen changer fails to move is that it was not debugged according to the debugging steps. After installing the screen changer, it needs to be pushed several times under pressure; After heating, push it a few more times; During normal production, it is also necessary to adjust the hydraulic station pressure to normal pressure (15MPA) and push and pull several times. If there is no push-pull adjustment according to this step, the machine needs to be stopped and replaced in the early stage. After using it for a period of time, the machine can be replaced without stopping and the position can be pushed freely.

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

3. Production has been normal all the time, but suddenly it cannot be pushed or pulled, the hydraulic station is normal, and even when stopped, it cannot be pushed or pulled. It is necessary to check whether the porous plate is deformed (if the heating temperature is not high enough, the top of the porous plate will be deformed; if the filter screen is not changed for a long time, the pressure is too high, and the porous plate will be deformed or even fractured). If it is deformed or fractured, take out the porous plate from the outlet of the screen changer or grind it flat for deformation, push and pull out the main body of the screen changer, and replace it with a new porous plate;

continuous screen changer for plastic extruder

continuous screen changer for plastic extruder

4. The pressure is too high, exceeding the design bearing pressure of the screen changer;

5. The column type screen changer suddenly fails to push or pull, especially during production after a long shutdown. The raw materials in the gap between the column and the main body of the screen changer become carbonized, and the column and the main body are welded together, requiring high temperature heating. External forces such as wooden or copper rods are used to forcefully strike. After pushing, the raw materials in the main body and on the column are cleaned and can be used normally.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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