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What are the damage characteristics of the high-temperature melt pump after disassembly?

After the failure of the high-temperature melt pump, the following damage characteristics were found after disassembly: 1. One end of the driven gear shaft of the high-temperature melt pump was broken, and the other end had obvious cracks; 2. The driven gear has more than 3 broken teeth, all of which are "pulled out" from the root of the teeth; 3. The sliding bearing of one of the driven gear shafts was severely seized and completely cracked after disassembly; 4. The meshing surfaces of the driven gear are severely worn; 5. There are obvious friction marks between the front or rear cover plates of the high-temperature melt pump and the corresponding parts of the driven gear shaft; 6. There are obvious cracks at the root of other unbroken driven gears.

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When designing a high-temperature melt pump, increase the stiffness of the driven gear shaft, the bending fatigue strength of the driven gear root, and the contact fatigue strength of the working surface of the driven gear;; Increase the gap between the shaft end and the cover plate of the high-temperature melt gear pump appropriately to prevent the shaft end friction cover plate from generating a large amount of heat, which carbonizes the lubricating melt and blocks the lubrication channel.


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