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Melt gear pumps for silicone rubber

BATTE Melt Pumps offers a complete range of melt gear pumps for silicone rubber, including: pump body, inverter motor, hardened gear reducer, universal coupling, bracket, pressure transducer and more.

melt gear pump for silicone rubber

melt gear pump for silicone rubber

Gear pumps for silicone rubber pump body material selection of 304 stainless steel; gear material: 440B; bushing material: high temperature alloy steel + anti-corrosion nickel penetration process. The material of pump body, gear and shaft sleeve can also be selected according to the user's working conditions. Sealing method of silicone rubber gear pump: spiral + cold water ring; heating method: steam heating.

polymer melt pump

Silicone rubber melt pump

Silicone rubber melt gear pump material conveying direction: from the direction of the pump shaft, left into the right clockwise; flow rate adjustment mode for frequency control; flow rate adjustment range: 0-100%; pump end coupling type: universal coupling; silicone rubber melt gear pump operating temperature is less than 300 ℃. BATTE Melt Pumps specializes in the production of melt gear pumps manufacturing enterprises, to provide the silicone rubber with melt gear pumps The specifications range from 5CC-12000CC.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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