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High pressure melt pump extruder

High-pressure extruder melt pump is a kind of important equipment used for extrusion molding of plastics, rubber and other polymer materials. Its working principle and characteristics are as follows:

melt pump extruder

melt pump extruder

First, high pressure melt gear pump working principle

High-pressure extrusion melt pump is mainly composed of pump body, drive shaft, gears, bearing bush, end cover and other components. When working, the motor drives the gears to rotate through the transmission shaft, gears and gears mesh with each other, the melt is sucked in from the inlet, and the melt is discharged from the outlet through the extrusion of the pump body.

The working principle of the high pressure melt pump for plastic extruder is similar to that of the hydraulic piston pump, which utilizes the pressure of the pump body to push the melt from the inlet to the outlet. The difference is that the pump body of the high-pressure extruder melt pump adopts a unique structural design, which can make the melt in the pump body to be squeezed and stirred many times, thus making the temperature and pressure of the melt to be further improved.

melt pump

melt pump

Second, high pressure extruder melt pump features

1. High pressure output: high-pressure extruder melt pump can increase the pressure of the melt to a very high level, thus making the extruded products have better dimensional stability and surface quality.

2. high efficiency and stability: high pressure pump melt gear pump for plastic extruder has high efficiency and stable performance, can work continuously for a long time, and the temperature and pressure fluctuation of the melt is very small, so as to ensure the stability and consistency of the products.

plastic extruder melt pump

plastic extruder melt pump

3. Wide range of application: High-pressure plastic extruder melt pump can be applied to the extrusion molding of various plastics, rubber and other polymer materials, and for different materials and product specifications, the structure of the pump body can be adjusted and working parameters to meet different needs.

4. Convenient maintenance: the structure of high pressure melt pump extruder is simple, with fewer parts, so it is relatively easy to maintain. If parts need to be replaced, it is usually only necessary to open the end cover and unscrew a few bolts to complete the replacement.

pump melt gear pump for plastic extruder

pump melt gear pump for plastic extruder

In conclusion, high pressure extruder melt pump is a very important extrusion molding equipment, it has high pressure output, high efficiency and stability, wide range of application and easy maintenance. It plays an important role in the extrusion molding of plastics, rubber and other polymer materials.


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