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What are the functional characteristics of extrusion melt pump for HDPE materials?

HDPE extrusion processing line to be equipped with polymer melt pumps, generally installed between the screen changer and die head, used for metering, pressurization, pressure stabilization. In the use of gear pumps, the pump body should have a heating source, the pump body temperature from room temperature to 180 ℃ ~ 230 ℃ range, the material will be open to open the pump, boot power supply, the gear shaft rotates, began to pump the material, the gear shaft rotates, the material in the pump casing by the gear squeeze, shear, shear process of the material itself will release a large amount of shear heat, shear heat generation, break the thermal balance of the pump body, the pump body in the A short period of time, rapid heating, beyond the process temperature of the material, affecting the quality of the material, in addition, the size of the shear heat will change with the gear pump speed changes, this feature is to increase the difficulty of temperature control, so the HDPE material with melt gear pumps need to realize the following functions: both heating, but also intelligent cooling.

plastic extruder melt pump

plastic extruder melt pump

HDPE material special melt pump, through the cooling water flow through the rotary joint on the active shaft and the passive shaft cooling, while the cooling water through the upper gland flow through the pump casing, the pump casing for cooling, and then the material for cooling, through the electric heaters on the pump casing for heating, electric heaters, cooling water is controlled by the PID system, so as to realize the function of the intelligent temperature control, thus outlawing the traditional mold temperature control program, thus reducing maintenance costs. The program reduces the maintenance cost, reduces the safety risk of personnel operation, and can be intelligent temperature control, improve the quality of the product. Zhengzhou Batte provides melt gear pump specifications from 0.1CC to 12000CC, details you can consult our 24-hour service hotline.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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