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Double board dual station hydraulic screen changer

The principle of dual plate and dual station hydraulic screen changer: It refers to the insertion of two parallel sliding plates into the main body of the screen changer. Each sliding plate is designed with a circular filtering station, and the two circular filtering screens work simultaneously. The high-temperature melt is divided into two channels at the inlet of the screen changer, and both sides pass through the filter screen to collect and flow through the outlet of the screen changer into the mold. When the impurities on the filter screen accumulate to a certain extent, the pressure alarm will sound, This requires the replacement of the hydraulic plate screen changer.

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

By operating the handle button on the hydraulic station, start the hydraulic station, press the push button on the corresponding column on the operation handle, and push one of the sliding plates to move. The filtering station moves out of the main body of the screen changer, while the filtering station on the other sliding plate is still working on filtering. After the station is moved out, close the hydraulic station, and then clean and replace the filter screen at the filtering station that has been moved out of the main body. After replacing the new filter screen, start the hydraulic station, press the corresponding sliding plate pull button on the operating handle of the hydraulic station, and pull the sliding plate back into the main body to start working. Press the push button on the corresponding skateboard on the hydraulic station again to push the other skateboard out of the main body. After changing the mesh, press the pull button on the corresponding skateboard on the operating handle of the hydraulic station to pull the skateboard back to the working position and perform normal filtering work, completing the mesh change.

double plate hydraulic screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte is a professional screen changer manufacturer. Every type of plastic product has a suitable screen changer, and the production process and raw materials for each plastic product are different, and the requirements for the screen changer are also different. Therefore, we carry out one-on-one targeted research and design, and develop various specialized screen changers, such as XPS extrusion board dedicated non-stop screen changers; Blowing film dedicated non-stop screen changer; Dedicated non-stop screen changer for management industry; Wire drawing machine dedicated non-stop screen changer; PET, PMMA, PC dedicated non-stop screen changer; PVC product specific non-stop screen changer, etc.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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