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Design Key Points and Principle Anatomy of Melt Pump for Plastic Extruder

Melt metering pump is a high-precision conveying equipment widely used in industries such as plastics and chemical fibers, mainly used for conveying high-temperature, high-pressure, high viscosity, and high melting point molten materials. The design points and principles of the melt metering pump are the key to achieving its efficient, stable, and long-life transportation. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the design points and principles of melt metering pumps.

melt pump in extruder

Design points of melt metering pump

1. Structural design

The structural design of the melt metering pump should consider the following key points:

(1) Compact overall structure, small footprint, convenient installation and maintenance;

(2) The structural design should comply with the principles of fluid mechanics to ensure the fluidity of the melt;

(3) Good sealing performance, able to prevent melt leakage;

(4) Strong ability to withstand harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, and high viscosity.

2. Material selection

The material selection of the melt metering pump should consider the following key points:

(1) The material should have properties of high temperature resistance, high pressure, and high viscosity;

(2) The material should have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

(3) The material should be easy to process and manufacture.

3. Control system

The control system of the melt metering pump should have the following key points:

(1) Can achieve precise control of traffic;

(2) Capable of achieving stable pressure control;

(3) Can achieve automated control and improve production efficiency.

thermoplastic melt pump

The working principle of the melt metering pump is mainly driven by an electric motor, which drives the transmission shaft to rotate, thereby driving the rotor inside the pump to rotate. During the rotation of the rotor, the molten material is continuously sucked into the pump and transported by pressurizing and discharging the molten material. During this process, the blades and pump casing inside the pump will periodically compress and shear the melt, stabilizing the pressure and flow rate of the melt.

Specifically, when the rotor rotates under the drive of the driving device, it drives the inner blades of the pump and the pump casing to rotate together, thereby forming periodic squeezing and shearing effects on the melt. Due to the design of the pump casing having a tapered channel, the pressure of the melt will gradually increase during the rotation of the rotor. When the pressure reaches a certain value, it will overcome the resistance of the outlet pipeline and discharge the melt out of the pump. At the same time, due to the continuous rotational motion of the rotor, the melt is continuously sucked in and discharged in the pump, thus achieving continuous transportation.

melt pump for plastic extruder

In order to achieve precise flow control and stable pressure control, melt metering pumps are usually equipped with control systems. The control system achieves precise control of pump flow and pressure by adjusting the speed of the motor. At the same time, the control system can also monitor and control the operation status of the pump in real time through various sensors and regulators, ensuring the stable operation of the pump under various working conditions.


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