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What are the installation steps of special melt pump for extruder

1. For lifting zb-100cc above series of extruder melt pump, lifting eye screw should be used.

2. Before installation, check whether all parts of the extruder melt pump are ready and whether there are parts not received.

3. Prepare the steel frame platform to install the melt pump. After the installation of the steel frame platform pump body, it must be fixed on the ground or other reliable mechanisms with expansion bolts to ensure that the platform will not overturn due to excessive torque when the melt pump rotates, thus causing safety accidents.

4. The melt pump shaft of extruder rotates clockwise to determine the outlet and inlet, or the steel seal mark of rotation direction on the melt pump can be seen. After the melt pump is installed in place, the bolts are tightened to connect the flange connecting the inlet and outlet on the left and right sides. After the melt pump is fixed, the pump shaft can be connected with the reducer by universal coupling. (Note: the pump shaft of melt pump should be rotated correctly, otherwise the input shaft will be broken and the pump body will be damaged.)


5. The base of extruder melt pump should be flat and have enough strength and rigidity. Before installation, check and adjust the concentricity of pump base and motor drive shaft with measuring tools. When the anchor bolts are uniformly tightened, the input shaft should be able to rotate uniformly without clamping stagnation.

6. The installation error of universal coupling shall not exceed the allowable deviation value, and the deviation value shall be less than 3 degrees. In order to avoid additional force and shorten the life of melt pump shaft.

7. After the installation of the melt pump body, the front and rear pressure sensors and temperature sensors should be properly installed. The torque of the pressure sensor should not be too large to avoid damage to the sensor.

8. After installation, it is necessary to check whether there is lubricating oil in the reducer before leaving the factory. If not, lubricating oil must be added to start the melt pump to avoid damaging the gear without lubrication in the reducer. Melt pump lubrication system needs to use the material to do lubricant, so it is strictly prohibited to idle for a long time without material.

9. For the melt pump with packing seal, the position of sealing gland should be adjusted in time to ensure the best sealing state. For pumps with other forms of sealing, the seal assembly should be checked frequently and the vulnerable parts should be replaced in time.

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