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Ten steps to the correct installation of a melt pump

The application of melt pump in the extrusion processing industry has involved granulation, extrusion (sheet, film), extrusion pipe, blown film, extrusion coating, profile extrusion, continuous blow molding and other fields. The processed materials involve almost all Of thermoplastic resins, thermoplastic elastomers and other polymers. In addition, the output of the melt pump has a linear relationship with the gear speed. By controlling the speed of the gear pump, the melt displacement can be accurately controlled. Therefore, the melt pump can also be used as a metering device. The pump is equipped with a screw extruder as a standard. In addition, in the polymerization process, it can be used to transport high-viscosity melt; in the process of melt spinning, it can be used as a booster pump or a metering pump. Batte melt pump introduces the knowledge of installation:

1. The melt pump is a precision product. Read the operation guide carefully before installation and operate with caution; check whether all parts of the equipment are ready before installation and whether there are unreceived parts.

2. For lifting ZB-100CC melt pumps and above series, eye bolts should be used.


3. Prepare the steel frame platform for installing the melt pump. After the installation of the steel frame platform, the pump body must be fixed on the ground or other firm structures with expansion bolts to ensure that the melt pump will not be caused by excessive torque when it rotates. The steel frame platform turned over, causing a safety accident.

4. The melt pump shaft rotates clockwise to determine the outlet and inlet during work, or you can see the rotation direction stamp mark on the melt pump. After the melt pump is installed in place, tighten the bolts to connect the connecting inlets on the left and right sides with The outlet flange, after fixing the melt pump, can use a universal coupling to connect the pump shaft and the reducer. (Note: Ensure the correct rotation of the pump shaft, otherwise it will cause the input shaft to break and the pump body to be damaged)

5. The strength of the connecting bolt is 12.9, and DAG154 or similar high temperature grease shall be applied to the threaded part. When screwing the melt pump connection, the force must be even, and the torque must not exceed the specified value. (Unit N.M) Screw size: M10 M12 M16 M20 M24 M36 Torque: 30 60 120 240 360 480


6. The base on which the melt pump is installed should be flat and have sufficient strength and rigidity. Before installation, check and adjust the concentricity between the pump base and the motor drive shaft with a measuring tool. When the anchor bolts are evenly tightened, it should be ensured that the input shaft can rotate evenly without jamming.

7. The installation error of the universal coupling should not exceed its allowable deviation value, and the deviation value should be less than 3 degrees. So as not to cause additional force and shorten the life of the shaft.

8. After the pump body of the melt pump is installed, the front and rear pressure sensors and temperature sensors should be installed correctly. The pressure sensor should not be too large to avoid damage to the sensor during installation and tightening.

photobank (4).jpg

9. After installation, you must check whether there is lubricating oil in the reducer before leaving the factory. If there is no lubricating oil, you must add lubricating oil to start the pump to avoid damage to the gear without lubrication in the reducer. The lubrication system of the melt pump needs to use the conveyed material as the lubricant, so it is strictly forbidden to run without material for a long time.

10. For the melt pump adopting the packing seal form, the position of the sealing gland should be adjusted in time to ensure a good sealing condition. For pumps with other forms of seals, the seal assembly should be checked frequently, and vulnerable parts should be replaced in time.


Zhengzhou Batte is a professional melt pump manufacturer with decades of development history, and can provide users with a complete set of melt delivery, pressurization and metering solutions.

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