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Backflush Screen Changers of plastic granulator

The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device including one or more filter screens, used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when the plasticized material flows through the filter screen. Among them, what are the characteristics of the automatic flushing screen changer of the plastic granulator? What is the working principle of the pelletizing screen changer?

Features of automatic flushing screen changer for plastic granulator:

(1) Especially suitable for the recycling and processing of waste plastics;

(2) It has the function of automatically cleaning the filter screen, which can greatly reduce the frequency of screen changes and avoid frequent screen changes;

(3) High backflush efficiency, avoid production stoppage, increase production and save energy, and save production cost;

(4) There is no change in the material flow pressure when the screen is changed, the flow rate is stable, there is no instantaneous interruption, and no melt leakage.

backflush screen changer

The working principle of the backflush screen changer of the plastic granulator:

The plastic melt flows into the screen changer body through the backwash body, and the impurities are filtered out by the metal filter screen. The impurities on the filter gradually accumulate, and the melt pressure rises accordingly. When the melt pressure in front of the screen reaches the set value, the backwash plunger moves down under the push of the hydraulic cylinder and switches to the state (b). A small part of the melt flows back to bring out the impurities accumulated on the filter screen. When the melt backflow time reaches the preset time, the backwash plunger starts to move upward under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, until the state of (c), a small part of the melt flows back to take out the impurities accumulated in the filter screen , The backwash plunger returns to its original position after the backflow reaches the preset time. In this way, an automatic cleaning process of the filter screen is realized, and the purpose of cleaning the filter screen is realized. The filter screen can be recycled, which greatly extends the time between screen changes and can be continuously produced for a long time.

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