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Where does the screen changer generally leak?

The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device that includes one or more filter screens, which is used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when the plasticized material flows through the filter screen. The filter screen is supported by an alloy perforated plate. The perforated plate is mounted on a plate or column carrier. The carrier can be moved to switch between a system's working position and an offline non-working position.

Where is the material leakage in the screen changer generally? The granulator screen changer manufacturer German Austrian technology editor to share:

1. If there is a material leakage problem during the warranty period of the column type screen changer, return to the factory for repair. Material leakage due to strain on the column and main body shall be dealt with separately;

2. The material leakage problem of the mesh belt screen changer is mainly caused by the water volume of the circulating water circuit being too small or blocked, which can not be cooled and sealed. Adjust the cooling water flow rate and clean the scale in the cooling water circuit in the screen changer to solve the problem.

3. Material leakage at the connection between the screen changer slide plate and the main body of the screen changer

The assembly quality problem of the screen changer, leakage occurred just after installation, return to the factory for reassembly. Material leakage occurs during the warranty period, on-site repair or return to the factory for repair, after the repair, the leakage occurs again and a new machine is issued;

dual bolt screen changer

4. Material leakage at the gap of the heating ring of the screen changer

The pressure sensor hole reserved at the inlet of the screen changer is not plugged or the plug is not tightened, just tighten the pressure sensor or the pressure sensor plug;

5. Leakage from the connection between the flange and the screen changer

It is because when installing the screen changer, there are impurities on the end face of the connecting ring that have not been cleaned, or the bolts of the flange are not tightened diagonally, and the connecting end of the flange and the screen changer is not flat. Disassemble the screen changer and flange. Clean up the waste at the connection, and tighten the bolts diagonally again to ensure that the gap between the flange and the screen changer is the same.

The screen changer can be installed on any new or existing extruder, melt pump, reactor or other extrusion line. It can be used to filter any type of polymer, rubber or ceramic melt. It is a melt filter screen changer used in the extrusion production line of plastic, rubber, chemical fiber and ceramics. These screen changers-ranging from low-cost manual screen changers to highly complex non-stop regulated automatic screen changers, suitable for extruders with screw diameters from 35mm to 300mm.

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