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Hydraulic station does not run, there is no pressure when the working condition analysis and solutio

When the hydraulic station is in abnormal operation, it should be noted that:

1. Whether the power supply is connected (380V);

2. Whether the power switch in the control box of the hydraulic station is pushed up;

3. Whether the hydraulic station is not filled with 46 × anti-wear hydraulic oil;

When the motor of hydraulic station runs but there is no pressure, pay attention to:

1. Whether the motor reverses (counter clockwise). If it reverses, the three power lines in the electric control box of the hydraulic station are exchanged for two, and the motor rotates clockwise;

2. Whether the pressure relief valve on the valve block of the hydraulic station is in the horizontal state, and the vertical state is the pressure relief state;

3. Whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is reduced (in the middle of the liquid level gauge) or aged (the hydraulic oil is aged);

4. Whether the oil pipe in the hydraulic tank is burst;


5. Check whether the oil pump is normal.

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