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How to improve the service life of hydraulic screen changer

Screen changer is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the existing rubber and plastic production line. Mainly used to produce chemical fiber, blown film, flat film, tape casting film, pipe, plate, wire, etc. At present, the plate type screen changer and column type screen changer are widely used in the market. Batte Melt Pump Company has the following suggestions for maintaining the hydraulic screen changer to extend the life:

1. According to the working conditions and structural performance of the screen changer equipment, grasp the law of deterioration; create an environment and conditions suitable for the work of the screen changer equipment, comply with correct and reasonable use methods and allowable work specifications, and control the screen change The load and continuous working time of the filter equipment; carefully maintain the screen changer equipment.

2. Inject fatigue and observe the pressure before the filter screen of the screen changer. When the pressure increases to the set value, replace the filter screen and the manifold in time, otherwise the material flow rate will decrease, the yield will decrease, and the filter screen may be broken in severe cases. Thereby affecting the quality of pellet products, and even the normal production.

Single plate hydraulic screen changer with four working station

3. Regularly check the drive unit of the screen changer—hydraulic oil system; check the oil level of the hydraulic oil system regularly, check whether the accessories and management are leaking, and check the heating system of the screen changer body regularly. The oil level is not enough or/and the heating is abnormal. Will affect the normal operation of the filter screen changer system.

4. Since the working medium in the screen changer is a high temperature and high pressure polymer melt material, if there is an accident, it will affect personal safety and normal production, so everyone involved in the installation, start-up, operation and maintenance of the screen changer All should carefully read and understand the operating instructions of the screen changer, and strictly abide by the safety rules, regulations and process regulations. To ensure correct installation and safe production.

5. When cleaning the degraded polymers and impurities on the filter screen and the manifold, the cleaning tools and materials specified or recommended in the operating procedures should be used. When lubricants are needed, they should also be used as specified.

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