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non stop continuous screen changer for monofilament

The mesh belt automatic non-stop screen changer for monofilament adopts multi station hydraulic screen changer, which is equipped with auxiliary flow channel and preheating exhaust device, and has positioning and guiding mechanism. It adopts multi station circulating filtration technology and "screen change intervention in advance" system, which is hydraulically driven. When changing the screen, it keeps the pressure and flow stable, without stopping, breaking the film, continuous threading, glue leakage, and does not affect normal production. It is mainly used in the production of high-quality and long process products such as chemical fiber spinning, drawing, pipe, film blowing, casting film, film coating, plate, sheet, granulation, etc., especially suitable for the production of high-precision products with strict requirements on pressure fluctuation. For example, in the production of various plastic products such as monofilament, flat wire, fishnet wire, PP and PC Hollow plate, such plastic products have high precision, long production process flow and large loss of screen replacement during shutdown, so this special screen changer is particularly needed.

screen changer for monofilament

Performance of mesh belt automatic plastic extruder hydraulic screen changer

The mesh belt full-automatic screen changer is a continuous automatic filter screen replacement without manual operation, safe and reliable, and easy to operate. Mesh belt automatic screen changer uses melt pressure or time to control screen changing action. The distance and speed of the filter screen can be set freely. The melt pressure automatically triggers the movement of the mesh belt without external force. The moving speed of the mesh belt is gentle, the melt pressure fluctuation is small, and the material flow has no fluctuation. When changing the mesh, it has no impact on the product quality, and truly realizes constant pressure production.

mesh belt automatic screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte a domestic professional screen changer manufacturer, provides perfect screen changer solutions without material leakage and without shutdown for the filtration of impurities in various melts such as plastics, rubber, chemical fiber, adhesives, melts, finishing materials, etc., so that customers can timely obtain screen changer products and services with high cost performance, high quality and efficiency, convenient and fast screen replacement, energy conservation and environmental protection, and create greater benefits for customers.

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