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Special hydraulic screen changer for sheet and plate extrusion line

Sheet and plate special screen changer The production process of sheet and plate is generally long, so it is troublesome and wasteful to interrupt the product when changing the screen. It is designed with stable pressure structure, no stoppage, no leakage, no interruption of product production, less scrap, saving time and labor and cost.

screen changer for sheet extruder line

The main chamber of the heated screen changer during normal production consists of two screen plungers, each with a filter chamber. The melt flow is divided into two streams into the filter chamber and is guided through each of the two screen chambers. The screen needs to be changed after the set pressure drop (4p) has been reached during screen change. The plunger with the replaceable filter element moves out of the main chamber so that the screen chamber reaches the screen change position and the dirty screen is removed and replaced with a new one. During the screen change, the screen chamber of the other plunger remains in the production position and the melt flow is not interrupted. Fifty percent (50%) of the filter area remains available for filtration. Thanks to a special venting procedure, no air enters the process after the screen change.

screen changer for extruder

Double column screen changer configuration

1、 Screen changer main body + accumulator hydraulic pump station + heating device (standard configuration)

2、The main body of screen changer + accumulator hydraulic pump station + heating device + electrical control cabinet (custom configuration).

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