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Blowing bottle and barrel class special screen changer

This kind of blow molding products installation space is small, the screen changer generally do small, because the product needs to change color often, the screen changer flow channel requirements are very high, can not have dead corner residue material, in view of this, Batte technical staff according to this working condition, designed this special screen changer, using the original double seal structure, online non-stop screen change, change different color products easy to clean, no residue, reduce the waste caused by color change.

bottle blowing screen changer.jpg

Food and chemical bottle blowing screen changer installation plan.

● Preheat the barrel flange and mold connection flange for easy disassembly while removing the connection bolts; disassemble the host reducer base from the platform connection (some are bolted, some are welded and ground with angle grinder) and also disassemble the barrel support from the platform connection.

● Use a crane or other methods to move the main body of the extruder backward to make room for the screen changer.
If one of the connected flanges is a dead flange that cannot be moved, install the dead flange first, then lift the main machine and reset it slightly with a crowbar or jack, and connect the other flange, and tighten the bolts diagonally to prevent material leakage at the flange. Connect the oil pipe of the screen changer cylinder to the hydraulic station or through the oil circuit on the equipment.

mesh belt automatic screen changer for plastic blowing .jpg

● Because the power of the original flange heating ring is too small, it is necessary to go all the way again to connect the temperature control (heating power and thermocouple) to the screen changer.

● After spot welding or simple fixing of the base of the reducer of the main machine, heat and test the machine, tighten the connecting bolts once again, no leakage and normal production, fix the main machine and finish the installation. When using, only the filtering station at the cylinder end is used, and the porous plate is removed at the other end to facilitate the material flow straight through when changing the screen.

single plate screen changer

This kind of blowing bottle is basically the same as the industrial oil jug installation screen changer program.

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