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How is the welding of the melt pump carried out?

Today, the editor is going to tell you about a very important and even directly affecting the overall quality of the product, which is the welding of the thermoplastic melt pump.

We all know that as a precision instrument, materials that use high-quality technology internally are necessary, and so are the external materials. They must constantly withstand the high temperature material output and pressure flow, and the external materials must be hard and strong enough! But the harder the material, the less likely it is to be directly extruded like aluminum alloy. Therefore, when we want to create a hard product, we may use special welding methods to weld objects of different shapes into a finished product, which can make them a whole.

thermoplastic melt pump

thermoplastic melt pump

Being a whole can be called a finished product, but for products like ours that require internal vacuum conditions, is it simple welding? Of course not. Our extrusion melt pump body is welded seamlessly together, ensuring that there are no gaps at the welding points. This creates a sealing condition on the outside and creates a vacuum inside. Seamless welding, just as it sounds, we know these are not simple. Our welding technicians are all elites who should be selected, and we only want to produce products! At the same time, we continuously innovate on the original works and develop new generations of products.


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